American Patriot is an oil and natural gas exploration and development (E&P) group, geographically focused on oil and gas exploration and development opportunities in Rocky Mountain Basins.Since its establishment, American Patriot has assembled what the Board considers to be a portfolio of prospective oil and gas exploration assets in America.

The Company was incorporated in Australia onĀ 2 NovemberĀ 2011 and has 2 wholly owned subsidiaries, American Patriot Oil and Gas, Inc. (APOG Inc) established in 2012 and American Patriot Oil and Gas, LLC (APOG LLC) established in 2012.

American Patriot is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a U.S. office in Denver Colorado and has approximately 76,815 Gross Acres (30,088 net Acres) under lease across 5 key projects. American Patriot is currently engaged in developing and exploiting these properties to provide long-term growth in stockholder value.


Map of USA indicating American Patriot’s Projects